Well, I Started to Stamp…

I threw this card together from scraps while listening to my poor little DD cough herself to bits. As soon as I started my second card, she woke up screaming. I feel so bad for her! Working on two bottom teeth, super stuffy nose, hacking cough, fever — yuck. She’s taking it like a champ, though. So anyway, I’ll give up stamping for her tonight. And I am planning to stay home with her tomorrow. I’ll miss an important meeting, but oh well. My boss won’t mind!

I used SU Basic Black (cardstock and ink), Certainly Celery, Creamy Caramel, and oval punches. The dp is Basic Grey, Scarlett’s Letter. The primas are from several different collections – I’ll have to figure out which ones, and edit this later!

Can You Have a Nyquil Hangover??

Seriously! I took 2 tablespoons at 10:45 last night. And I’m sitting here at my desk this morning, barely able to keep my eyes open! Getting out of bed was horrible (and it didn’t help that today is one of those dark, dreary days perfect for staying at home), the super hot shower didn’t wake me up, and I’m halfway through a can of Diet Coke and still sleepy!! Man I hope this goes away soon! Otherwise I’ll be worthless all day. Wait, maybe that’s a good plan…

I’ve set aside stamp time tonight – woohoo!!! And planned out some cards in my mind, so hopefully I’ll be able to zip through a few! I’ll post again later tonight!

I Want A New Toy!!!!

I recently discovered the Bind-It-All. Holy cow!!!!I want want want absolutely have to have this little gizmo!!!! I was told by some fellow SCS’ers that Bonnie’s Best was the most awesome place to buy it. But I feel guilty for even thinking about it!! I have a Cricut, a Wishblade, a Cuttlebug (which relegated my big old Sizzix to a drawer!), a Xyron 900 (for 8.5×11 sheets, laminating, etc) and a Xyron 250. Do I need more gadgets? On the other hand, nothing I have does anything remotely similar to this little dude.  Think of all the little coaster albums I could crank out! I just don’t know what to do….or how to explain it to DH!!

Those That Can Do, Should!

Wow – what a weekend!! We planted 8 Blue Star Junipers and a Golden Globe shrub at the end of our driveway on the bank next to it, and mulched the whole area. And man, did DH ever encounter some tree roots digging those holes! We planted a beautiful Arbor Vitae and another Golden Globe near the house, and mulched that whole area, too. And I potted 25 Marigolds, some Heliotropes, and some Salvia. We are soooooo sore, we can barely move – we’re like a couple of old people shuffling around the house complaining about our aching backs!! But it looks great outside, so that’s exciting. We are planning to do more junipers and shrubs all along that bank out front, and mulch the other side of the walkway near the house, too. And the stone edging DH did looks amazing!! At least we can say we were productive this weekend!


I made this card last week, and it has a quote from Mother Teresa on it: “Spread your love everywhere you go.” I think that is extremely important – why wouldn’t you want to impact this world in a positive way; why not leave it better than you found it? I think it is crucial to share the wealth that we have – not just material wealth, but intellectual too. If I look around my little world, I see that there is always enough food, clean water, shelter over our heads, heat, air conditioning, cars to take us places, money to provide for our child, and leftover money for extravagances like books, stamps, toys, clothes – anything we want. So I do what I can to share what I have with others. Remember, if everybody put a drop in the bucket, the bucket would overflow!

To me the monthly donations are merely projects. Something my family can do that impacts someone else. But to these kids at the school, and the family we sponsor in Ghana, the kids in Haiti we sponsor, the women in war ravaged countries I donate to — to them it is real life, filled with hunger, pain, fear — things I don’t truly understand. So if a few bucks and some crayons can alleviate that for just one child, I’m in. The handwritten letters we receive from a mother half a world away, sharing her joys of life with me are amazing. And I cry every time we receive a letter from Haiti, thanking us for stickers, or hair ribbon, or whatever small thing we fit in an envelope and sent. Did they cost much? No. Did they light up someone’s life, if only for a little while? Yes. I got a personal email from the school in Granada we made a donation to, about 3 days after I made it. The director apologized to me for the delay in her response. Apologized!! As if she doesn’t have more important things to do.

Whew! I managed to get a card in!

Well, surprise surprise!! At 1:30 today, my sweet little honey walked in to my office carrying a blue bag with a gift in it for me. She was closely followed by her dad, carrying another stunning bouquet of tulips. The gift was a vintage silver bracelet and a certificate to get my hair done tomorrow – yippee!! And now my kitchen is filled with tulips – 3 bouquets in a little over a week!! Yay!

We also went out to dinner tonight at a fabulous restaurant. Who knew we’d manage to find such a fabulous little place down here in nowheresville?? The restaurant is called Molasses Grill. Fabulous wine list, great beers on tap, excellent liquor behind the bar. And the food…..yummy! DH had scallops with sweet potato and bacon hash and braised red cabbage. I had rainbow trout stuffed with crab and served over fresh snap beans. My goodness! And dessert was Bourbon pecan pie with Jack Daniel’s ice cream for me, and caramel ice cream with pecan chocolate chip cookies (like an ice cream sandwich) – both homemade. I can’t wait to go again!

My card tonight uses my new Scarlett’s Letter paper by Basic Grey. It is so gorgeous!! The stamps and cardstock are SU. It was a quickie, done after Bones ended, after feeding little munchkin another bottle and rocking back to sleep, but before Lost started. So I had about 25 minutes. But I really like it!


Sorry…I’m gonna update!

Been a little busy at work, and at home. Got some errands to run this afternoon, but I will upload a new card and a new post later tonight!!! Thanks for checking in!!

So Far, So Good!!

Well, I got to stamp again today! Only for a little while, but I’ll take it where I can get it! I made a super quick and easy card, for today’s technique lover’s challenge, which can be found here. The challenge was to use only browns and vanillas, and the card could not be chocolate or coffee themed. I so wanted to use Roses In Winter, and do the technique that Jeanne put up on her blog (Inky Paws) today, but those silly roses just would not cooperate. So I moved on to the old standby, Lovely As A Tree. I am challenging myself to use stamp sets that I have not used in a while, so this one fit the bill. I also made use of my Cuttlebug, and some brown primas. The ribbon came from jacksonbelle’s store (big shock, right?!?) and so did the primas, I think. All of the paper is SU – Chocolate Chip, Creamy Caramel, and Very Vanilla. I used Creamy Caramel and Close to Cocoa ink on the tree.






I got a beautiful arrangement of tulips hand delivered to me at work today by sweet hubby and wonderful baby girl. Wasn’t that nice?? They brought me some last week, too. And we went out to dinner tonight (we left the sweetie with her great grandparents, though) at a new Italian place in town. Not bad!!

Today was weigh-in day for my weight watchers plan. I lost another 1.5 pounds, bringing my total to 21 pounds. Yippeee!!! What a fantastic feeling this is – I love it so much!