4 Sizes Smaller!!!!!!!!!!

So, DH and I went shopping yesterday at Potomac Mills, just outside of Washingtin DC. I strolled on into the Gap, tried on a pair of jeans…..and they were too big!!! Happy Dance, right?!?!! Well, I then tried on another size, and they looked and felt pretty good – but a total stranger told DH she thought I should go a size smaller, because those looked roomy in my butt. I protested (I mean really – why press your luck while shopping for jeans????) but I did it – AND THEY FIT!!!!!!! Whooohooooo!   So I guess the 19 punds I’ve lost since Jan is beginning to pay off! This is such a great feeling – just had to share 🙂

I have taken pics of some of my craft space, and am planning to post them this afternoon or tonight. We got back late last night, and the seasonal allergies are killing poor sweet DD. She threw up (I guess from too much drainage from her nose) and managed to get it all in her hair, so we had to have a bath at 2 am. Kind of a bummer.  So I am a bit behind!


2 Responses

  1. WOW! That is fabulous! Way To GO!

  2. Wow! 4 sizes is AWESOME! Congratulations. How
    did you lose the weight?

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