Whew! I managed to get a card in!

Well, surprise surprise!! At 1:30 today, my sweet little honey walked in to my office carrying a blue bag with a gift in it for me. She was closely followed by her dad, carrying another stunning bouquet of tulips. The gift was a vintage silver bracelet and a certificate to get my hair done tomorrow – yippee!! And now my kitchen is filled with tulips – 3 bouquets in a little over a week!! Yay!

We also went out to dinner tonight at a fabulous restaurant. Who knew we’d manage to find such a fabulous little place down here in nowheresville?? The restaurant is called Molasses Grill. Fabulous wine list, great beers on tap, excellent liquor behind the bar. And the food…..yummy! DH had scallops with sweet potato and bacon hash and braised red cabbage. I had rainbow trout stuffed with crab and served over fresh snap beans. My goodness! And dessert was Bourbon pecan pie with Jack Daniel’s ice cream for me, and caramel ice cream with pecan chocolate chip cookies (like an ice cream sandwich) – both homemade. I can’t wait to go again!

My card tonight uses my new Scarlett’s Letter paper by Basic Grey. It is so gorgeous!! The stamps and cardstock are SU. It was a quickie, done after Bones ended, after feeding little munchkin another bottle and rocking back to sleep, but before Lost started. So I had about 25 minutes. But I really like it!



2 Responses

  1. Fantastic!

  2. This is gorgeous…I just broke into my Scarlet Letter pad I got from eclectic Paperie…I love it, too!!

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