Those That Can Do, Should!

Wow – what a weekend!! We planted 8 Blue Star Junipers and a Golden Globe shrub at the end of our driveway on the bank next to it, and mulched the whole area. And man, did DH ever encounter some tree roots digging those holes! We planted a beautiful Arbor Vitae and another Golden Globe near the house, and mulched that whole area, too. And I potted 25 Marigolds, some Heliotropes, and some Salvia. We are soooooo sore, we can barely move – we’re like a couple of old people shuffling around the house complaining about our aching backs!! But it looks great outside, so that’s exciting. We are planning to do more junipers and shrubs all along that bank out front, and mulch the other side of the walkway near the house, too. And the stone edging DH did looks amazing!! At least we can say we were productive this weekend!


I made this card last week, and it has a quote from Mother Teresa on it: “Spread your love everywhere you go.” I think that is extremely important – why wouldn’t you want to impact this world in a positive way; why not leave it better than you found it? I think it is crucial to share the wealth that we have – not just material wealth, but intellectual too. If I look around my little world, I see that there is always enough food, clean water, shelter over our heads, heat, air conditioning, cars to take us places, money to provide for our child, and leftover money for extravagances like books, stamps, toys, clothes – anything we want. So I do what I can to share what I have with others. Remember, if everybody put a drop in the bucket, the bucket would overflow!

To me the monthly donations are merely projects. Something my family can do that impacts someone else. But to these kids at the school, and the family we sponsor in Ghana, the kids in Haiti we sponsor, the women in war ravaged countries I donate to — to them it is real life, filled with hunger, pain, fear — things I don’t truly understand. So if a few bucks and some crayons can alleviate that for just one child, I’m in. The handwritten letters we receive from a mother half a world away, sharing her joys of life with me are amazing. And I cry every time we receive a letter from Haiti, thanking us for stickers, or hair ribbon, or whatever small thing we fit in an envelope and sent. Did they cost much? No. Did they light up someone’s life, if only for a little while? Yes. I got a personal email from the school in Granada we made a donation to, about 3 days after I made it. The director apologized to me for the delay in her response. Apologized!! As if she doesn’t have more important things to do.


2 Responses

  1. Must. get. on. paypal. today. 🙂

    Oh, and where are the pictures of your beautiful landscape?? LOL I’m sure it looks gorgeous!

  2. What a beautiful card! Wonderful!

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