Seriously this time….

We forgot to buy the power cord last week when we went out of town. After my doctor’s appointment tomorrow morning, it is at the TOP of my list of things to do!!! So I’ll be back to photographing and blogging this weekend. I’m going crazy without my computer, lol!!

Updated Stamps for Sale

I’ve reduced the prices on the stamps for sale – check them out!

Puppies….you gotta love ’em.

Really. You just have to. Even when they chew through your brand new, recently replaced, $120 laptop power cord (yes, you read that right – we just dropped $120 on a power cord a coupe of months ago, after the last one got broken – don’t ask). It cannot be replaced until Thursday, and I don’t know that I have enough battery power to last long enough to download a photo from my camera, edit it, and send it to the blog to post. So, *sigh*, there might not be any new pics until Friday. I really appreciate your patience, and am sorry to have been so not exciting lately!

 Maybe I’ll surf around and try to find some super-fun stuff to look at, and then share it here. Meanwhile, please send good vibes that our puppy outgrows the puppy phase soon!!

It’s not too exciting, but hey – it’s a new post!!

Here is another in the four-card set I made for a friend. Same image (so, oviously, same technique for it, lol). If you missed it, here is a link to the other post. Same color scheme – Creamy Caramel, Sage Shadow, Not Quite nacy, and Basic Grey Periphery dp. I did add a couple of Not Quite Navy brads to one side of the image. And on the Creamy Caramel base, I swiped the ink pad over it to add some depth and color.

I probably should have been doing some stamping while the internet has been down, so I could have fun things to share. But truth be told, I haven’t. I’ve been reading, and laying on the couch wishing these kidney stones would go away. The wishing isn’t really working for me, though.

I have also squeezed in way more quality time with the family (faaaamawee, as my daughter calls us), so that has been nice. When the internet first went down, I was totally having withdrawals. But it was a refreshing change of pace, and a great reminder that I don’t need to be glued to this laptop all the time!!


I think the internet at home is fixed! I’ve not been there to check, but all signs point to yes. So I should have a new post up tomorrow 🙂 Thanks for your patience!

I’ve got no internet!

Yes, you read that right.  My home internet is down, and won’t be fixed for a few more days. But I’ll post something just as soon as it is fixed!

I love this stamp!

This is one of the first stamp sets I ever bought from Stampin Up. It is a set of two called Mother and Child. I don’t use it much, and have never used the sentiment. But this image…oh, how I adore this image. I bought it when my daughter was very young, and it just made my heart smile.

It still does make my heart smile – the memories it brings back every time I use it are so wonderful. And although I’ve gone a while without using it,  I’ve inked it up quite a bit this past week, lol. I must know a million people who are having, or have just had, babies!

I could not settle on one layout to mass produce cards for everyone, which would have been the obviously easy choice. I did do all of the images the same, and used the same color scheme (to make it slightly easier for myself). I started with a piece of Confetti Cream cardstock, and stamped the image with Timber Brown Stazon. I masked it off (check this tutorial if you have masking questions) and stamped the French Script background in Creamy Caramel. Next I used my Watercolor Wonder Crayons to color the image, and my aquapainter to blend it. To finish off the image, I sponged the edges  with more Creamy Caramel ink.

My mat for the image is Sage Shadow cardstock, paired with Basic Grey dp, from the Periphery line. I adhered them together and ran them through my Cuttlebug (using the French Script folder). It is hard to tell in the picture, but I sanded the dp to highlight the raised letters. I also ran my Creamy Caramel inkpad over both pieces, which showed up really well on the Sage piece.

To finish off the card I added some hand-stitching. I combined a dark brown thread with a light cream, and just did some quick stitches on two sides. I really love the end result. And so does my daughter, who is sure this is a picture of us (even though the woman in the picture is a brunette, lol — but she always thinks pictures of moms and babies are actually pictures of her and me. My child has a very healthy opinion of herself!!!) 🙂

Bear with me, because I plan to make you look at all of the different layouts I did with this image. There are four of them. I’ll try to spread them out, so you don’t get too bored, though!