Puppies….you gotta love ’em.

Really. You just have to. Even when they chew through your brand new, recently replaced, $120 laptop power cord (yes, you read that right – we just dropped $120 on a power cord a coupe of months ago, after the last one got broken – don’t ask). It cannot be replaced until Thursday, and I don’t know that I have enough battery power to last long enough to download a photo from my camera, edit it, and send it to the blog to post. So, *sigh*, there might not be any new pics until Friday. I really appreciate your patience, and am sorry to have been so not exciting lately!

 Maybe I’ll surf around and try to find some super-fun stuff to look at, and then share it here. Meanwhile, please send good vibes that our puppy outgrows the puppy phase soon!!


One Response

  1. Bad puppy! 😦 Hope you’re sorted out soon. And that the puppy survives the fallout! 😉

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