Can You Have a Nyquil Hangover??

Seriously! I took 2 tablespoons at 10:45 last night. And I’m sitting here at my desk this morning, barely able to keep my eyes open! Getting out of bed was horrible (and it didn’t help that today is one of those dark, dreary days perfect for staying at home), the super hot shower didn’t wake me up, and I’m halfway through a can of Diet Coke and still sleepy!! Man I hope this goes away soon! Otherwise I’ll be worthless all day. Wait, maybe that’s a good plan…

I’ve set aside stamp time tonight – woohoo!!! And planned out some cards in my mind, so hopefully I’ll be able to zip through a few! I’ll post again later tonight!


One Response

  1. That’s what DayQuil is for, hun… 😉

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