Finally – here is my LPS card!

lps_4ag_tbuI mean – really! My poor child (3 years old) developed a nasty UTI over the weekend, so my whole house has suffered right along with her. I know how bad she has been hurting, and it was awful to watch her go through it. We finally got her some anitbiotics today, and she is feeling a little relief already. But man!

This card is for her, using stamps from {Little Paper Shop}. If you knew my child, you’d totally get it — she is flowers and camo and monster trucks and pink, lol. She liked that I used the glitter pen to add some designs to the truck, but was disappointed that I didn’t draw her driving it. Guess you can’t please them all the time!

Sorry for the way late post – it’s just been that kind of day! Oh, and hey! For some fun inspiration, go check out the LPS Blog – there is an awesome sketch. If you play, there might just be blog candy involved *wink wink*!!


I have some questions for you, my readers!

I’m going to try to do these in polls, to make answering easier. Thanks for the input! I’m working hard on prioritizing my time, and thought I’d gather from my wide circle of friends and acquaintances some of your daily rituals. So again, thanks for the input 🙂 Oh, and don’t worry – I’ll be back with some cards today, as soon as I take my little one to the doctor!