Finally – here is my LPS card!

lps_4ag_tbuI mean – really! My poor child (3 years old) developed a nasty UTI over the weekend, so my whole house has suffered right along with her. I know how bad she has been hurting, and it was awful to watch her go through it. We finally got her some anitbiotics today, and she is feeling a little relief already. But man!

This card is for her, using stamps from {Little Paper Shop}. If you knew my child, you’d totally get it — she is flowers and camo and monster trucks and pink, lol. She liked that I used the glitter pen to add some designs to the truck, but was disappointed that I didn’t draw her driving it. Guess you can’t please them all the time!

Sorry for the way late post – it’s just been that kind of day! Oh, and hey! For some fun inspiration, go check out the LPS Blog – there is an awesome sketch. If you play, there might just be blog candy involved *wink wink*!!


5 Responses

    Omgosh AG must LOVE this!!! Perfect timing to give this to her poor thing 🙂 Hope she feels better!!!

  2. Taylor, I am so sorry to hear about your daughter. I hope she feels better real soon. Okay so I love this card! My niece is such a pink and camo kind of girl too! This is just so super creative and fun! Great job!


  3. Super cute!

  4. suffered UTI’s for years til I finally discsovered what triggers them for me…any citrus or acid products (orange juice, tomatoes, pineapple, etc but the big culprit is carbonated beverages…any soda or sparkling water) if I stay away from these and drink lots of water I am terrific. Hope this helps

  5. freakin’ amazing girl!! i am totally in love with that pink monster truck!!

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