I am so embarrassed!

kreativ_blogger_award_copyOh my goodness, I got this award forever ago, and totally forgot about posting it. So long ago, actually, that I don’t remember who gave it to me, or what the rules are. So whoever you are, know that I am truly touched by the award – even though I forgot to post it. I guess when you hit 30 it really is downhill from there!

I’m just going to tag 5 people. You have to post the award on your blog as well as pass it on to 5 more people. Easy enough, right? Be sure and comment on their blogs, so they know they have won an award!!

  1. Jessica Diedrich – The Whimsical Butterfly
  2. Sara Henton – Expressions of a Creative Mind
  3. Bonnie Sharp – The Lucky Clucker
  4. Victoria Smithson – EatStampSleepRepeat
  5. Tanis Geisbrecht – Paper Princess at Play

Rainy Day Fund

iss_rainydayfund_tbuI gave up ordering and buying craft supplies for Lent. So to cheer myself up, I made this adorable Rainy Day Fund container to hold all of the $$$ I can pull together between now and Easter!!! Let me tell ou, there will be a shopping spree involved, lol.

I used Prima Harmony do, flowers, and ribbon – I love it when they package it all nice for me! My image is the fabulous Miss Suzie Q from InStyle Stamps. I figured she was perfect for my rainy day fund!

I love Target for many reasons, and this container is one of them. It’s Archer Farms cereal, and it is quite tasty!  But the coolest thing, for me, is that it comes in this handy container, that I just knew I could turn into something Fab! What do you think?