I am so embarrassed!

kreativ_blogger_award_copyOh my goodness, I got this award forever ago, and totally forgot about posting it. So long ago, actually, that I don’t remember who gave it to me, or what the rules are. So whoever you are, know that I am truly touched by the award – even though I forgot to post it. I guess when you hit 30 it really is downhill from there!

I’m just going to tag 5 people. You have to post the award on your blog as well as pass it on to 5 more people. Easy enough, right? Be sure and comment on their blogs, so they know they have won an award!!

  1. Jessica Diedrich – The Whimsical Butterfly
  2. Sara Henton – Expressions of a Creative Mind
  3. Bonnie Sharp – The Lucky Clucker
  4. Victoria Smithson – EatStampSleepRepeat
  5. Tanis Geisbrecht – Paper Princess at Play

Check This Out!!!

Do you have Copic Marker envy????? I do! They are soooooo not in my budget, though! So I’ve been content to just drool all over the gallery uploads. But no more!!!! Go over to Julie’s blog, Paper Pleasing Ideas, and look at this tutorial – you will be blown away!! She is gonna teach you, step by step, how to color with your SU markers and get the same result as Copics!!!!! I am so serious – this is amazing!!!!!

Sometimes, people say things…

…and it just could not make any more sense. Lightbulb moments, kwim? I ran across this post today on Nicole Seitler’s blog, The Inkblog, and just HAD to share it. She shared a quote from another blog about the two types of *don’t know*. It is really interesting stuff. How many people do you know that swear they can’t stamp, or aren’t creative, or just couldn’t make a scrapbook page if they tried? This is all about those people. Check out her post!