etsy_cozyhouse_tbu Here is my Esty inspired card for today. I took my color scheme from my new friend Maggie, the Sydocian. What is a Sydocian, you ask?

What’s a Sydocian? They are the inhabitants from planet Sydocia! Never heard of Sydocia? Well, neither had we until their spacecraft landed in our backyard one night… and before we knew it, our home was full of little, furry Sydocians.

I think these are the cutest little critters! I’ve never seen anything like these, and I want to get a few to start a collection for my daughter, lol.

il_430xn62462229This is Maggie, herself. Here;s a little background info on her:

And what makes Maggie different from everyone else? She likes to dress up as a pirate on Saturday nights.

Bwaahahahahahahaha – how cute is that? Ok, seriously – the card. I used gold brads on mine to mimic her eyes, and like I said earlier took my color scheme from her hair. What a fun store this was this week! I’m so glad I got to know the Sydocians!


9 Responses

  1. Great card! Love the colors….the prefect interpertation for this little guy.

  2. Great colors. Fab job.

  3. Too cute! I can’t wait to get my inspiration posted!

  4. Taylor this card is awesome! 🙂

  5. Great patterned paper and I like how you used the eyelets!

  6. That looks like an owl bred with a rooster – WHAT is that thing??! LOL – love the card though!

  7. Awwww….you sure picked a darling little one for your color combo!!

  8. you nailed those colors, great job

  9. How super cute is that Taylor?? I love it!

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