Let it Shine!

lad_lightshine_tbuThis week’s Etsy Inspired store had so much great stuff to offer – the yarn was so fabulous! I love yarn! I used to knt, but hurt my hand and have a hard time now. But oh how I miss wonderful yarn! Obviously, I picked some yarn as my inspiration, lol. Here is the pic. Isn’t it gorgeous?

I took the colors and this week’s Lizzie Anne Designs sketch and made this card. The bauble is from a necklace that DH bought me and DD broke – I figured this was a good way to recycle.

This stamp is from the new release Lizzie Anne just did – it’s ccalled In the Parlor. Isn’t it cute? You can go here to see all of the new releases – but let me warn you — you will want them all!



5 Responses

  1. So pretty Taylor!

  2. I love how you actually used a piece of jewelry on your card…very pretty!

  3. This is so fun Taylor! I love the jewelry on your card, it’s fantastic!

  4. I like how this card is so clean that it allows the jewel hanging to steal the show – it’s like simple but not in a bad way at all! Very pretty!

  5. Hi Taylor,
    What a beautiful card! The colors are so yummy! I checked out the site where your inspiration was inspired and you are right…the yarn is beautiful!
    Your image is a cutie and adding the link from your broken necklace is a “WOW” idea…I love it!!!

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