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water3900I always do a big housecleaning and reorganizing around New Year’s – with all the upheaval of putting away new Christmas stuff and returning the decorations to the attic, it seems like a good time. Today, I decided to clean out my stash in my stamp room. I mean really – why do I have so many sets I’ve never used?? If they’re in a bin – how can I even find them? So I thought I’d give it away, to y’all! I have 11 unused sets of acrylic stamps by various companies that need a good home. All you have to do is leave me a comment by Sunday the 4th at 6:00 pm EST telling me what you favorite part of the holidays was, and you’ll be entered to win! I hope everyone’s New Year has started off well 🙂


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  1. How very sweet of you, Taylor! And who doesn’t love getting new stamps?!! My favorite part of the holidays was watching the kids run around, having a blast with their friends. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing your children happy.

  2. Oooh! A surprise giveaway! How fun! That’s a fun (and generous!) way to ring in the New Year! Good luck to everyone!

  3. Well aren’t you the sweetest thing this side of marshmallow fluff? My favorite thing this year was the utter excitement in my three year old eyes when we decorated and when Santa remembered he wanted Transformers. He liked decorating so much he asked when we were going to do it for the new year:-)

  4. What a nice new years surprise giveaway! My favorite holiday experience this year was watching all the little kiddies excitement at my family party opening their presents….and of course just spending time with all of my family. Happy New Year!

  5. Wow Taylor! What a wonderfully generous blog candy giveaway! I think every year my favorite part of Christmas is something different. Many times its traipsing the family through the tree farm looking for the perfect tree. Other times its when I actually found the perfect gift for someone. This year though, a new family has been brought into my life. I was fortunate enough to be able to provide gifts a three year old boy who might not have gotten but one or two small gifts. In that, I was also able touch a young mother’s heart in a way that I am sad to say I don’t think she has experienced before. I hope to involve my children in the giving next year and adopt a family if we are able. One never knows in these economic times. I hope you and your family had a happy health holiday season.

  6. What a wonderful way to start the new year! My favorite time of the holidays was playing cards with my husband and his family on Christmas Day! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  7. WOW i came over to congratulate you and welcome you to the Little Paper Shop DT and I am finding some yummy blog candy! YEAHHHH thank you sooo much for the chance to win!

    My fav part of the holidays was the crazy business of it all. I love all the decor, the lights thge music the yummy smells and tastes (not so much the way my clothes are fitting right now, but that is why I lvoe new years and the resolutions! LOL) I think I just love it all…Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  8. What a sweetie you are!

    My favorite part of the holidays – well my youngest (8 months) came down with pneumonia – so my favorite part was today – getting the all clear from the doctors that he’s better.

  9. Taylor…were you at my house when you found those??
    My favorite part was getting to see my sis and her family after over a year!! Best ever!

  10. What a fun give away! I would certainly give them a loving home 🙂 My favorite part of the holidays is always spending time with my family-as my kids get older it is hard to gather everyone at one time.

  11. What a sweet idea, my favorite part of the holidays was spending it with my family. This is the last year that I know my son will live at home so it was a little bitter sweet. Thank you for the chance to win.

  12. my absolute fave part of this christmas was getting to finally see my hubby who is stationed in WA and away on deployment until 2010!!! his original flight home for christmas was canceled due to snowy weather and boy – did the panic set in or what???!!! he ended up with a confirmed flight for christmas night but was smart enough to hang at the airport as a standby and caught a very early flight the next day – YAY!!! he made it on time and was able to be here for our 14th wedding anniversary. he left again today for another year……

  13. i love cleaning house and i love finding things i havent used in a while, i like to give away things i dont use too! Good for us all, thanks so much for being sooo generous Taylor!!!

  14. My favourite part of the holidays was spending time with my daughter and son – who were both able to make it home on the 29th of Dec. – even though it was a few days after Christmas, it was the time we spent together and catching up that meant the most.

  15. Taylor that’s a fabulous idea for a New Year’s resolution – to clean up the stamp room!! Something i need to do also!! My favorite part of this holiday was the look on my grandson’s face when he saw he opened up the PSP that he’s been wanting!! It was absolutely priceless!! Thank you for being so generous by giving away the stamps!! Happy New Year to you!

  16. Happy New Year! My fave part of the holidays was gift giving! And also listening and singing along to Christmas songs! 🙂

  17. I need to clean my room out too! Haha! 😀 I could always use some new stuff though. Hehe! Anyway, my favorite part of the holidays was being with my entire family! I loved every minute of it!

  18. Simply just being with family. Another Christmas and New Year with my ailing Dad. He has and will always be my hero.

  19. Oooh, clear stamps–I love clear stamps! My favorite part of Christmas this year was playing Rock Band on the WII. On Christmas afternoon, after presents and lunch, we decided to try the new “toy” and we ended up playing music for three hours! None of us are musically inclined and none of us can sing so it would have painful for many people to watch but we had soooo much fun! Three generations of us, playing guitars and drums, singing songs that some of us had never heard. All of us, from 5 to 65, playing, having fun, and enjoying a special day together–how special.

  20. having the whole family together and the food coming out all at the same time and tasting wonderful…amazed this year that everyone wanted the old family recipes…seems the younger generation really does appreciate tradition

  21. happy new year taylor!! it’s so generous of you to share your stamps with us. thank u!!

    my favorite part about the holidays is spending time with friends and family eating LOTS of food. 🙂

  22. Thanks so much for the awesome blog candy! My favorite part about the holidays is spending time with family and friends; however, the best part is eating lots of great food that I only make during this time of year!

  23. Happy New Year!

    Wow–you sure are being generous! Thank you so much for this chance to win your blog candy.

    Every year we spend Christmas Eve at my friend Marianne’s. This year was extra special as it was the first Christmas in her new home. We had a really nice evening. I’m in charge of the desserts each year. I made a trifle and a cheesecake–both were big hits!

  24. My favorite part of the holiday was sleeping in!! ha! I did not have to get up at 5:30 everyday and rush kids off to the bus, etc. It was so nice to just get a little more sleep and wake up to sweet kisses from my 3 & 5 yo boys (my 12 yo dd sleeps in and is really too old for the kissing her Mom business these days!)


  25. My favorite part of the holidays is the music and church services. This year we had 20 inches of snow that made the holiday perfect!

  26. My favorite part this year was having christmas at our house. We havn’t had it there since I was 5. Since we remodeled so much most of the relatives didn’t recogize the house.

  27. How nice of you and good for us =) My favorite part of the holidays is Christmas morning when my kids see the “mess” Santa made (aka my hubby) I LOVE their little faces, just in total awe – of course we take lots of picture and video too. Their faces are priceless!

  28. What a wonderful give away! My favorite part of Christmas was being w/ my husband, children & grandchildren. We played games, ate good food, & just hung out together!

  29. My favorite part is being with family and friends and eating way too much of all the great Christmas goodies. How great that youcleaned and we get blog candy–Thanks-Karen

  30. What a fun thing to do! My favorite part of the holidays was spending time with my family, and also all the fun challenges that everyone did for the holidays. It was super busy, but also lots of fun!!
    Congrats on cleaning your craft room… what a great feeling!
    hugs, Jami

  31. My favorite part of the holidays was that everyone in my family was home and we just had fun being with each other!! 🙂

  32. What a kind thought

    My favourite part of the holidays is getting to gether with friends and family and also this year it was discovering that the holiday could still be good even with my son over there in the States with his partner spending time with her family – the Internet is wonderful!

  33. The favorite part of Christmas for me is family. We live close and see each other often but it’s the reason for the season. To be able to celebrate with my family on that special day is perfection.

  34. My favourite part of the holidays was actually getting to see my mom this year. We don’t usually get to do that, as she lives in TX and we live all over the place (military, currently in MD.) Even though it was only a couple days and I was sick, it was still wonderful. I miss spending Christmas and Thanksgiving with the whole family. I hope that someday we’ll all live close to each other again.

  35. Thanks for the chance to win!

    My favorite part of Christmas this year was experiencing everything through my 5-yr old son’s eyes. This is the first year he wasn’t afraid to sit on Santa’s lap. We had to vacuum out the fireplace because he didn’t want Santa to get dirty. I loved how he sang Christmas songs over and over again.

  36. I’m catching up on blogs from my Christmas vacation. We were able to get away and have some time for fun and also time to see a brand new nephew. That was the best part about this Christmas – welcoming a new member of the family! Happy 2009!

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