Sweet Moments

My DD’s newest fascination is with anything craft related. Specifically, making necklaces. So yesterday evening we sat down to make a few. First we did the foamie ones from a kit (you can see her green one around her neck). The we strung plastic beads onto pink yarn, with a plastic knitting needle. She had so much fun!

I know I don’t usually share this kind of thing on here, but I am so proud of her (she’s not quite three) and I love that she loves to do these things. I’m having a “mom” moment! She concentrated so hard, and was so thrilled every time she put one one the yarn. And every bead had to be exactly the right color — she thought about each one! She’s wearing the super long one she made last night to school today — she is so proud, which makes me even prouder!


3 Responses

  1. How precious! I remember when my daughter made her first necklace but she was already three and didn’t put nearly that much into it.

  2. Aw, how sweet! Hope she grows up to be as talented as her mummy!

  3. So cute and so sweet!!

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