Beautiful RAK!!

My friend Laura (laurakj) sent me this GORGEOUS card – it came in Monday’s mail. And how jaw-dropping is it??? She has been doing some really cool scrapbook pages and featuring them on her blog, Inky Dinky Doo, plus she is showing off a fab new haircut. Check her out! And she has a horrifying story of an unwanted reptile in her house – yikes. Every time I think about it, I freak out, seriously.

I love this card she sent me because it is simple and clean and elegant. I wish I could do one layer this well 🙂 This stamp set, Oh So Lovely, looks amazing used like this! Thanks so much for making my day, Laura!


3 Responses

  1. Hey Taylor, nice RAK. (heeheehee) Seriously, beautiful card! Nice work Laura!

  2. I’m glad you took a a pic of it, I was so worried about getting it to you in time, that I forgot! LOL So happy you like it!

  3. Wow, that IS stunning!

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