Copic advice, please!

I’ve decided to take the plunge and get some Copic markers. I’m going to go with the Sketch ones, I think. My dilemma is this: if I’m ordering them over the internet (which I have to do because I live in the middle of nowhere!), I’m worried about colors. It has happened before that the color I thought I was ordering is not what showed up (fabric sample). So, I need some advice. What essential colors (numbers) do I need? Where do I begin?

We are running some errands today, and going to see a movie. Hope everyone has a wonderful Father’s Day — *smooches* to all the awesome hubbies who put up with our stamping and crafting obsessions!



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  1. I actually have been building my collection slowly from hobby lobby, but I started with a set from Ellen Hutson.

    I don’t know essential colors, or how many you are planning to get. I would definetly get a skin tone E00 is my favorite, I just bought E02 which is fun for shading. My favorite greens are G21, G24, G28. Yellows Y15 & Y17. I am still working on a pink I like but the truest red is R27 & R29. For a “Brillant Blue” color B29 is your best bet. For browns I have only got E25 and E27 I would like to get E21 also for shading. YR21 is close to apricot and YR24 is a lot like More Mustard. Dont forget a C1 and W1 for shading. Sharon has a list on the side of her blog that are her favorite colors, I have been following some of these colors to add to my collection.

    Good luck it is a bit overwhelming!!

  2. Hey, Taylor….I bought all of my markers from Ellen Hutson’s store. Here is a new blog by Marianne from Copic. You’ll find all kinds of tips there! Good luck!!

  3. I just started buying copics too and I got the A pack to has a lot of good basic colors. The colors that were important to me were a good color for skin and a good shading color which is the gray…and those are both in that one.

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