Figgy Gift Cards

Sorry for the delay in posting – it’s been crazy getting ready for the holidays! DH and I went on a gift card buying spree this weekend, to send to family members that are spread all over the country. I knew I wanted to put them in some sort of cute little holder. Well, when I saw this , by MaryAnnDOLN, in the gallery, I just knew I had to case it!! I just love the idea of little criss-cross cards for holding gift cards! How genius is she???? Thanks for letting borrow your inspiration, Mary Ann!

My cards were done using the criss-cross tutorial on SCS, I just shrunk my measurements to about 3″ x 4″ for the “pocket” part. So instead of a piece that was 4 .25″ x 11 for the long panel, mine were 3″ x 8″. I scored it at 4″. I’ve never done these cards before, but I’ve been drooling over them forever. They are super easy, and the end result is phenomenal!!

I didn’t do the belly band for them, because we lost power the afternoon that I was working on them, and my toddler got antsy. So my crafting time was cut a bit short (at least I got it, though!) But I love love love love this Figgy Pudding dp, so leaving them off wasn’t a terrible decision, imo 🙂

These are so fun! I’ll definitely be making more from now on!


3 Responses

  1. Gorgeous!!! I have that paper… but haven’t used it! (Which is pretty typical for me)

  2. I love your criss-cross cards, and the papers you used! So pretty!!

  3. […] tutorial over at SCS. I made a bunch of these at Christmas, but I mini-sized them. You can see them here in this post, if you are […]

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